Top 11 Restaurant Décor Ideas

With an increase in urbanization, globalization, and digitalization, restaurants are among the best businesses to run. This is because all these factors ensure that restaurants remain full. One of the key things that attract people to particular restaurants is the food and then the décor or ambiance. However, with more restaurants being opened every day, people are now equally focusing on restaurants decor ideas.

If you are thinking of opening a restaurant and are still in search of the best ideas for your restaurant’s décor, below are some of the most popular ideas for restaurants decor. Keep reading to find out the décor that works for you.


1.Indoor Plants

Having beautiful, fresh-looking plants at your restaurant is one of the best ways to let your customers know that you only serve the freshest meals. Also, plants are relaxing, and they purify the air.

The great thing is you do have to stick with a single type of plant. For instance, you can change the plants according to the days of the week, or you can change them weekly. You also have the choice of going for high maintenance plants or the low-maintenance ones, depending on your budget. Having indoor plants as your décor is one of the best ways to bring the outdoors in. The following are some of the most popular indoor plants.


•Snake plant


•Aloe Vera


•Spider Plant


•String of Pearls



•Calathea Plants



•Peace Lily



2. Open Up

Having an open space as your restaurant décor is one of the fantastic ways to make your patrons feel comfortable. It could be an open kitchen or an open winery. However, most restaurants with space and required resources have embraced an open kitchen. An open kitchen is great because it involves the customers in the food preparation process, as they can see what’s happening in the kitchen.

Even though open space décor requires a lot more resources and time, the results are worth it. Moreover, open space décor is one of the restaurant designs that are currently trending.


3. Use the Menu As Inspiration

You don’t want to serve sushi in a restaurant featuring décor meant for steak and beer. Therefore, as you think of the ideal décor for you, have your menu at the back of your mind. If not the whole menu, at least have the main dishes as your décor inspiration. Furthermore, customers associate certain decors with some dishes, so do not confuse them.

You can look around the other restaurants so you get an idea of what your restaurant should look like depending on what you serve. For example, most pizza and beer restaurants feature simple décor like red and white checkered tablecloths, while steak and wineries usually have intimate booths and dim lights. Alternatively, you can match your restaurant décor ideas according to your unique dishes.

4. Go Classic

Going for a classic look is one safe way of being stylish. This is because classic looks are attractive, and they never go out of style. Hence, you will not have to keep updating the decor. If you are planning to open a fine dining establishment, you should seriously consider adopting the classic décor.

Nevertheless, classic looks are great with most restaurants décor ideas regardless of the type of restaurant. Whether it is a café or a simple coffee house, you can never go wrong with the classic look. Some of the fashionable classic looks include the French bistros and 50’s style diners.

5. Showcase Art

Are you decorating on a low budget? Why nor contact the local artists and have them agree to give you their artwork so you can display on your restaurant’s walls? The good thing about this restaurant décor idea is that both you and the artist stand to gain. The artists gain by having their works showcased to countless s number of people free of charge, and you get to have an attractive décor for your restaurant.

Everybody loves some good pieces of art, and your customers are no exception. Thus, don’t be afraid to contact the local artists and ask for some sort of collaboration. Moreover, if you get multiple artworks from different artists, you can rotate the various artworks on a monthly or weekly basis, depending on the volume of the artwork. However, this décor idea works great if you have lots of open wall space.

6. Unique Tables and Chairs

Currently, four-person tables and booths are among the most common seating arrangements in restaurants. However, this does not mean that you cannot play around with your seating arrangement.

You can design your restaurant seating to match your style and character. For instance, instead of an ordinary chair, you can have stools; and instead of four-person tables, you can have a few communal tables that are long enough to accommodate more than six people.

When it comes to chairs, instead of the ordinary wooden chairs, you can add a bit of color to the chairs and make them lively. Also, you can spice thongs up by having more than one type of chair.

7. Interesting Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures help you create the mood and ambiance you want. If you are wondering about the best lighting fixture to use, picture yourself as a guest, and then imagine the type of lighting they would love.

However, it is also essential to factor in social media as you pick your lighting fixtures. Lighting that is suitable for taking photos is ideal. Social media sites like Instagram have made taking pictures of food and places the norm, so you might want to factor this element as you shop for your lighting.

Nevertheless, make sure you factor in other critical factors when choosing the lighting fixtures. These factors include:

•Energy efficiency

•Your budget

•Staff safety

8. Go Minimal

Minimalism is a restaurant décor that features natural tones, clean lines, and a generally simple color scheme. This is an excellent look if you are going for the less-is-more look. However, you should be careful with minimalism as even a slight mistake can be easily noticed. This is because of every single detail matters here. This is the reason why minimalism is, at times, seen to be more difficult than most décor ideas.

Notwithstanding, minimalism is ideal for people working with a strict budget since most of the projects are easy to do and do not require a professional. Minimalism also allows you to play around with various textures and shapes to bring your vision to life. Keep in mind that this is one for the decors that gives you the chance to improvise cheap homemade decor ideas for restaurants in an attempt to make your restaurant stand out.

Furthermore, minimalism décor enables guests to focus more on the food than on your restaurant décor.

9. Catchy Typography

Typography is one of the easiest but most stylish ways of making your restaurant stand out. Also, it adds a fun atmosphere to your establishment, making your guests feel happy whenever they step into your restaurant. However, the trick is to find someone to do it right. Not only does the writing style matters, but also the message. The best message will be your restaurant’s motto or a line that speaks about what your restaurant is all about.

You can play around with the typography by adding colors, diagrams, marquee letters, or bold graphics. For instance, you can have your favorite quote made into typography in neon colors.

10. Choose a Theme

You can go the easy way and choose a theme for your restaurant. This way, it will be easy to select all the necessary décor items since you will be following a particular theme. The theme depends on the type of restaurant. Or instance, a sports bar will go well with a bunch of jerseys, banners, and memorabilia on the walls. However, a bar dedicated to a more sophisticated sport will require tasteful wall art, paintings, and plants.

Keep in mind that there are themes that will make your place cozy, while others will help make it appear large. Therefore, keep this in mind as you decide on the theme for your restaurant. One important aspect that greatly influences the mood of your guests is color. If you want to create a cozy space, then you should go for beige, red, or any other dark color. On the other hand, if you’re going to make your restaurant space bigger, you should consider colors like blue, white or green. Another element that creates the illusion of a bigger space mirror, so be sure to invest in them if you want to create the illusion of a bigger space.

11. Invest In The Entryway

Your patrons must get the best first impression as they step into your restaurant. Therefore, make sure it is both inviting and comfortable. For example, you can have a chair there for visitors to sit as they wait for a table.

The best thing about ideas for restaurant decor is that you get to change them whenever you feel like or when the need arises. For instance, you can change the color of the painting, add unique shelves, or change a few fixtures.

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