Tips To Mix Modern and Traditional Decor Confidently


While improving the decor of their room or entire home many people have many misconceptions like:

Mixing modern and traditional decor is not possibleEverything in the room should match its decorBuilding a large structure in their room may not make more sensible spaceSmall accessories can fill a space perfectly

But usually, they are not right as by integrating modern and traditional decor you can improve the beauty and comfort in your space if done carefully and sensibly. Some tips are provided in this write-up to help you in combining modern traditional decor without playing safely or using a style too much.

These tips can be more helpful for you if you understand the style of your home and know the ways to organize certain things to improve its looks. But if you do not have any idea in this regard, even then these tips can help you in mixing modern and traditional styles in your home.

Actually, by combining more than one decor in a home you can tell about the taste of everyone living in that home as well as make it more interesting for everyone visiting it. You only have to use your creative abilities to combine two things of different genres in one place.

But before discussing the tips to mix modern and traditional decor you must know about some rules in this regard.

Rules to blend different decor styles

Things can be a bit easier and safe to combine modern traditional decor if you follow a few rules, though they are not mandatory. These rules include:

Rule of 80:20 ratios

To start with mixing modern and traditional decor the rule of this ratio can be the perfect place. The meaning of this ratio is to choose 80% of the main decor and 20% of the style you want to add to it. 80% of the decor should include large items in the room so that the combination of modern traditional decor can be more comfortable for you and your family.

Modern items in your room may include the chairs and sofa, the coffee table and rug with a geometrical design as well as the colors used in it. Traditional elements you can add to this room may include panels of the curtain from ceiling to floor, some small details on the doors and windows as well as cabinetry and furniture painted with white color. Such types of additions can give a cool look to the entire decor of the room.

Rule of grouping similar looking different items

While mixing 80% modern and 20% traditional decor, instead of focusing on matching them you should focus on putting them together in different ways so that they can go well with each other.

While combining different types of items together you should group different items that have something common in them. You can combine them on the basis of their size, texture, and color so that you can create a collection of similar-looking things to make more sense and impact while displaying together than they were displayed individually. You can try this tip especially on smaller items like:

Items randomly placed on a dresser can look more attractive if the items of the same color or size are put together.If you have something perfect for your coffee table in your room then you can combine it with other items of the same height to give a uniform look. If you have smaller items then you can place them at a bit higher spot like the books stacked on your table to maintain consistency in the room.The shelves on the wall can be styled differently by grouping the items of similar size, color or style. You can put taller items on the top shelf, and the groups of smaller items on the middle and bottom shelves.

Similarly, you can group the collection of similar things and put them at one spot instead of spreading them throughout your room then it can give a more impactful impression to the onlookers.

Rule of maintaining balance

When you have to mix different styles in a place then you will have to maintain a balance between them. This balance and be maintained in various ways like:

Distribute the visual weight of your space equally: For instance, you can use your sofa to divide your room with an open concept into two parts with equal visual weight. You can balance the visual weight of wall art in your living area with the visual weight of the bookshelf in the dining area of your room.Balance the style of the entire space: For instance, instead of putting all the items of rustic decor liked by your partner in one part of your room you can spread them throughout the room to blend them with other items in the room to give it a more balanced look. Give a buddy to everything in your room: In a fabulously decorated living room you can find a number of items that may not match with other items but they will give you a cozy feel as they are connected to someone or the other found in that room. So everything in that room must have a companion to create a balance in it.

For instance, the color of the lampshade can match with the color of the pillow and side chair in that room or the tone of the wood of the coffee table tray can match with that of chairs in the dining room as well as the side table. The frames in your room may not match its decor but there can be something that can have the same color or texture.

Simple tips to mix styles of home decor like a professional

Now after knowing rules to mix modern and traditional decor, it is time to know the tips that can help you in mixing more than one style in your room or home to give it a new look.

First of all, put your furniture

You can use the largest piece of your furniture to equally distribute the visual weight of the room as per the rule discussed above. For instance, if you have a nightstand in your bedroom or a non-matching table in your living room that does not match its decor then you can put two different items like lamps of the same size on either side of the nightstand or the table to create a balance. Similarly, a golden decorative item in your room can be balanced with the round-shaped flower arrangement on your coffee table. Normally you can find symmetrical items in traditional decor more than in modern decor.

Paint with neutral shades

While painting the walls and other large items in your room like furniture etc. you should use neutral colors to make their style more impressive. It will also allow you to display other styles in your room more easily as it will reduce the level of competition between two or more styles. The main style of your place will be overwhelmed with the style of large decorative pieces in it. For instance, if you want to maintain the modern style of the largest piece of furniture in your room then you can add more things of modern style in it.

Make odd things center of attraction

If you want to keep an item in your room but it does not match with other things in it then instead of comparing or challenging the other items you should let it stand alone as a center of attraction. For instance, if you have a much bigger item like a fixture light with different finish or color than other items in that room then you should make it a show-stopper by hanging it instead of placing it on the floor. It will change the style of your room without making many efforts and spending a lot.

Add some details and accessories

While mixing modern and traditional decor adjusting the accessories can be the most difficult aspect. You can follow the rule of grouping similar looking different items to solve this problem. Throughout the room, you should mix both styles evenly.

Another way to add details and accessories in a room is to group them and distribute them evenly in the room instead of grouping many things of the same style to put them in one place. It will not only draw the attention of the onlookers on that style but also disturb the balance of the style of everything.

To give a standout and sensible look to an item repetition can be a good option. One element of that item can be displayed at least at another spot in that very room to allow the other part of that item has a buddy in that room. For instance, many colors are used in a painting in your room than any other item in it then a few strokes of its main color on some other part of that room will help in blending the room more effectively.

Thus by following the rules and tips provided in this write-up you can easily mix the modern and traditional decor in your room or home.

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