The best Spanish style home decor ideas


What kind of design do you always yearn your house should have? The interior design and Spanish architecture in Spanish style are unique and beautiful that you may wish to try. Many houses which are designed in Spanish style have attractive features which make the homes desirable and distinct.

Building a home with Spanish interior design ideas will create a unique space with a Mediterranean atmosphere. Regardless of the place you live in this world, you will be able to bring images of traditional family values, colourful parties, relaxed siestas and rustic villas. The Spanish style can assist you to build a home which is friendly and welcoming but also practical and designed well for family living.



To offer you inspiration as to why you should consider the Spanish style home décor interior in your home; you should consider taking a sample of various images. Thus, you can consider the photographs of the country, Spanish artworks and images of traditional Spanish events like fiestas, flamenco dancing and bullfighting

There are so many characteristics of the modern Spanish style home décor that you can incorporate in your design to achieve a look that you have always yearned for. Some of those elements are:


1. Ceilings and wall



Choose a combination of bright colours that reflect the warn and vibrant culture of this country. The Spanish style interior decorations for walls is usually finished with a faux finish or stucco texture. This is a painting technique where sponge patterns, brush strokes are used in adding dimension. Some of the major colours include cool shades. The Mediterranean influenced warn and earth tones, for instance, mustard yellow, deep red, indigo blue, chocolate brown, burnt orange and taupe. These colours can also be applied in other accessories in the house such as art and pottery.

Many of the traditional Spanish style home décor for interiors have ceilings, carved panels and wood-framed windows which are accented with decorative tin tiles and wood beams. Usually, the walls in Spanish style have a coarse render, stippled, plaster or smooth furnishings to offer them an amazing beauty.



Dark exposed wood is also a major element in Spanish style home décor interior as it’s used in exposed ceiling beams, carved panels and wood-framed windows. In your kitchen, the colourful tiles can be the best option for an amazing beauty, however, you should choose the light coloured cabinets to offer you contrast.


2. Flooring



It’s rare for you to find fully carpeted floors in the Spanish interiors. Normally, you will a uniform hard flooring surface which is installed in the entire home and accented with large area rugs and small throw carpets. The traditional Spanish carpets do have a weave that is knotted in staggered rows. However, in this case, off-white or neutral beige will create a wonderful background for linear patterned designs in soft yellows and greens.

One of the most common choice in the Spanish style home décor is hardwood. However, if you are on a tight budget you can choose other alternative flooring options such as heavy, slate, terracotta tile or matte-finished ceramic that has a dark grout.


3. Accessories


You can adorn the living area of your home with the famous Spanish interior design accessories such as tiles, antique pottery, wrought iron and fabrics. The simple guide here would be to drape individual fabrics on your dining chairs, thus adding colour and texture to the informal area. Also, hand-painted pottery through the shelf and table would add additional Spanish flair and also a personalized feel the area.



You can include fabrics in your design through window treatments that are made of cotton and throw rugs of woven cotton. You can add a classic look in your window and door treatment through wrought iron doorknobs, cabinet handles and knockers. It’s also good for you to replace the furnishings and fixtures of your room with wall sconces, rustic wrought iron chandeliers and black metal curtain rods.

An oversized wrought iron chandelier will act as a beautiful feature of light just above the dining table. This will be able to attract the eyes of any visitor to the centre of your room. To achieve an amazing Spanish look especially in your bedroom, you can use the Talavera which is special tin-glazed pottery. The best things about the decorative Talavera tiles is that you can use them in dressing up the floor, mirror and cabinet hardware in creating a space that will appeal to the eyes.


4. Lighting up your space


Lighting is one of the major elements of any room especially when it comes to Spanish style home décor. The chunky iron light fixture is the ideal option that you can choose as it looks great in any space. At the centre of your room, you can go for the wrought iron chandelier and try the double or single bulb sconces on the wall areas. Normally, the copper fixtures do look beautiful when combined with copper sinks in the bathroom or kitchen.

If you have rooms where minimal light enters into the house, you can form a creative ambience by hanging a lot of fixtures in a linear pattern. If you already a lot many vintage elements in your room, you can contrast them with modern iron chandeliers which have crystal or glass designs.



You can also not forget to your outdoor areas. The hacienda-style lanterns usually look beautiful on the outdoor patio, along the walkways and either side of the front door. Also, the Spanish design uses citronella candles which assists in limiting bugs and mosquitos into the house. Make sure you have enough light in your room as it assists in maintaining a luxurious feel regardless of the weather conditions.


5. Furniture



Spanish style home decorations do have distressed, mission style dark, leatherwood furnishings. Some of the dark wood choices that you can choose for your furniture include rosewood, teak, butternut, mahogany, ebony and walnut. When it comes to furniture you can select wood chairs, heavy wooden benches and leather armchairs that have straight backs.

In selecting rustic furniture that will offer you a unique Spanish style you are free to try various elements in achieving it. For instance, an antique kitchen table will match well with the brightly coloured saltillo tiles and filigreed wood dresser which stand out among the terracotta. In case you are decorating an old room which requires a modern touch, adding a piece of metallic furniture will offer it a wonderful look. On the other hand, if you are decorating a grand space, you can accentuate it using large pieces that will catch the attention of any viewer.

You can also consider using one piece of furniture such as old fashioned chair or intriguing end table that will act as a focal point. Remember, various kind of finishes, colours and textures can enhance the beauty of your room, thus you should feel free to experiment with them.


6. Kitchen design



Kitchens will are designed in Spanish style have a combination of bright colours to make them have cosy or warn effects. Some of the kitchens do have red hexagon tiles which pair well with turquoise cabinets. In this case, the cream walls and light brown countertop will balance the look of the kitchen. Undermount sinks do face large windows can allow fresh air and natural light to enter the kitchen area. In showcasing the ceramics and kitchen utensils, the cabinet doors are made of glass.



You can also opt for a Spanish style kitchen which has exposed brick walls that pair well with hexagonal floor tiles. In this case, wooden cabinets and lantern pendant lamps do emphasize that you are having a classic Spanish kitchen.

There is also a Spanish styled kitchen that depicts luxury on all its sides. This kind of kitchen has ornamental lining adjacent the ceiling and also decorated tiles which serve as a backsplash. The massive cabinet sets, large kitchen island and mirrored countertops will assist in showing your stainless, modern kitchen appliances. To emphasize the Spanish look arched shapes and pendant lamps must be included in the design.


7. Patio and veranda



One of the major element of Spanish living includes connecting the outdoors to the indoors. This includes terraces, patios and verandas.

Remember the flooring plans of Spanish homes do open towards the dining area and spacious outdoor sitting through sliding doors, French door or archways which allow maximum light to enter the room. This also adds an attractive visual interest.



You should treat the outdoor spaces of your Spanish styled home as a homely extension of the interior design so that you offer them the same attention. This will make those spaces to feel more inviting. You can select wooden furniture or wicker and soft it using some colourful pillows.


As seen above the Spanish style homes are indeed a unique reflection of the passion, beauty and creativity of the Spanish People. The Spanish style home décor is very simple and will offer you a hearty and homely atmosphere. Through this guide, you can enjoy your journey in designing the most attractive home that you have ever dreamt in your life.

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