The Best Moroccan Patio Ideas For Modern Western Decor


Are you a huge fan of modern Moroccan decorations? This decoration style started in the early 20th century. During that time, people made decorations out of natural materials with patios landscaped to look like nature. Years later, people perfected this art and that is how we ended up with the superb modern design. Decoration experts have crafted many modern decoration styles so so that every person can make their dream house a reality.

The Moroccan patio Decoration

This is among the most attractive house designs of our age. They make use of naturally occurring materials such as sand from the desert, shapes, and colors for decoration. Most of the inspiration for this design comes from the desert. The design changes the interior of a house and gives it the feeling of wild colorful nature. This design is gaining popularity at a very fast rate in America and Europe especially due to its seductive effect on decoration lovers.

Moroccan patio Decoration ideas as a modern Western Décor

The Moroccan way of decorating patios has not been around for many years. However, It has been able to gain the love of western people very well in the last decade. It started with a reality TV show about a family that buys and restores an ancient Riad in Medina of Marrakech. A large number of people who watched that TV show, became curious about the Moroccan decoration ideas and they started to learn more about it. The style is widely applied in the UK, the USA, and Morocco of course.

Types of Moroccan patio Decoration Styles

These designs apply for the interior as well as the exterior of your home. It covers all parts from designing your garden to designing your bedroom. This décor style is loved by many people because it will turn any Patio to a very attractive home. These designs include;

Canopy Overheads

If you are into camping, these large folds of silk swagged over your head will induce the same feeling as being in a tent. This design can be applied in a dining room, bedroom or over your mosquito over beds. The design gives any room a warm feeling of being in the desert. The design can be modified by introducing colors on the canopy to give the room a Moroccan patio look.

Moroccan Throw Pillows

Moroccan style has not neglected comfort in all their designs. They have thrown in a few pillows to add comfort to sofas or beds. These pillows come in various colors to give your bed or couch that welcoming look. These colored pillows make every bedroom look lively. They are patterned according to the house’s interior to make sure they match your set perfectly.

Moroccan Rug

No Moroccan house can attain the complete Moroccan touch without these rugs. The rugs are patterned into very attractive shapes or symbols. They make diamond patterns most of the times and it is known that stones are precious, so maybe it is a configurative language to tell you what to expect from the rugs. The patterns of these rugs are designed to suit your patio design perfectly. Apart from beauty, the rugs also introduce a feeling of warmth in houses.

Moroccan Floor Tiles

Kitchens and bathrooms can be tiled using beautifully colored tiles. The tiles come in many colors to suit any patio’s design needs. They come in various colors such as combinations of navies and white and creams and black to increase lighting in rooms. These tiles give a patio the authentic look of Moroccan designs. Swimming pools are also tiled on the edges but in rare occasions using this Moroccan tiles. The style brings class and liveliness to a room.

Moroccan Pouf

This comfortable ball like footstool or sit is a good additional item for a perfect Moroccan décor. The puff comes in many colors and sizes to match the other furniture in the house. It brings the feeling of an old palace-like room that is filled with comfort and world pleasures. The puff can be patterned to add exotic beauty to your decoration designs.

Graphic Backsplash

This Moroccan design takes your kitchen to a whole new level. It composes of a sink that is decorated at the edges using a graphic backsplash. This gives kitchens a lavish look the same as what you see in the 5 Star hotels. You can also add a Moroccan table and mat to add flavor to the design.

Moroccan Style Light

Many light designs can be applied to a Moroccan décor. The most outstanding design is a light that hangs on from the top. The light can be designed into various shapes such as moons or stars for optimum results. The lights can either be lanterns or pendant lamps for the design to work. This design makes the room shine with glare no matter the interior design of the structure.

Woven Décor

Many woven decorations and containers to use as flower vases are applied to give rooms a modern old school look. In this design, you can keep these woven ornaments in your office, kitchen or bathroom and they will still produce good results. You can place the vases on Moroccan Wooden stools to get a perfect Moroccan touch in your room. This design is mostly used in social halls but it also works perfectly for patios.

Create your style

The Moroccan decoration style is not known for rules and guidelines. You can combine a few designs that you love to get your perfect style. This is the best thing about Moroccan and it will work for any modern invention or old school style if you do it correctly. If rugs combined with mats and canopies work for you, go ahead and give it a try.

Strong Color application

Moroccan style has utilized patterns and shapes to the very best. The design is known for combining colors and the results produced are awesome. You can combine a few colors that will match the furniture and the general interior patio design.

Warm Comfortable decorative fabrics

These fabrics are designed in many colors with different patterns to create an attractive look for your bed. They can be duvets or bedcovers decorated in a Morrocan style. You can throw in a Moroccan pillow to add beauty to your Moroccan Décor. Additional of a nicely colored rug with pretty patterns all over will give your style a perfect look.

Indoor plants in the living room

Plants and flowers can be used to achieve this full of life loo. Flowers that do not require much light are best for this setup. People who prefer plants go for aloe Vera since it is both useful and easy to take care of. The plants can also be kept in the kitchen next to windows or bathrooms opposite to the mirrors for a beautiful view.

Moroccan Style Wall mirrors

These are mirrors that are designed into shapes such as stars or the love symbol. The mirrors are placed on the walls of rooms to add to the beauty. Perfect integration example of this style with another Moroccan decor is the addition of colors and plants to create a perfect match. The mirrors can either be big or small depending on the room’s interior design.

Moroccan Metalworks

They design metals for many appliances such as lanterns, kettles lamps. The designs have patterns or symbols engraved on them to add beauty. This metal is not your day regular metal, the designs are crafted perfectly to match the Moroccan lavish style.

Moroccan Style

This puts a few designs together to come up with contemporary bathroom design. It is designed with colored tiles and mirrors to attain a complete Moroccan look. Designs such as archways are good examples of décor designs that utilize architect skills to get a fancy look.

Traditional Moroccan Patio Design

This design is different from the modern ones since it requires the mandatory use of a background theme color. Each color gives the room a different theme, that is white or cream for a neutral Moroccan theme and blue-green for a Mediterranean touch.

Benefits of Moroccan Modern Décor


The list of Moroccan patio decor styles is long. These modern designs are continuously being remodeled to come up with even better Moroccan patio Decor ideas. The decorations apply for all rooms whether in patios or work offices.

Ease of implementation

These decoration designs can be applied partly or in full to any patio decor ideas. You can start by introducing a single part such as a rug or a pillow to your home. The design does not have to be implemented fully at once to get results.

Currently the best

Moroccan designs were not popular in the last 10 years like they are now, and they surely will be loved by more people in the future. These designs shout both uniqueness and class. The other benefit is that they work for both exterior and interior regions. The design requires less effort but in return, it produces brilliant results.

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