NYC apartment decor ideas

Living in an apartment and feeling the taste of independence is a little difficult, but also fun. Like at home, your apartment will be improved to turn it into a quiet place to live. You must make sure that all the elements are in harmony, as well as the choice of colors for furniture for the home. First, you need to ask the owner for permission to limit the improvement of the apartment.

If you are sure that you are changing some elements of the apartment, then the next thing you should do is make a plan. So check out magazines, websites, and experts for professional advice and inspiration for best NYC apartment decor ideas. This type of planning will also help you save money by buying things worthwhile. all elements and colors should be in harmony. here are

sofa Covers

Buying a new sofa or chesterfield set for an apartment is very expensive, especially if you are unsure of your work and new environment. Therefore; Instead of buying sets of new sofas, use sofas in the old house and do something to make it look very modern. This can be done by ordering covers for sofas or bedspreads. Bed linens actually cost less than new sofas for an apartment.



People who are new to work, and especially students, are likely to have enough funds for their daily needs. But you can improve the atmosphere of your apartment by placing a pillow, frames for old paintings and other accessories that can be bought at pharmacies or department stores at a reduced price. Just make sure that the accessories you buy match the theme of your apartment.

Add color to your apartment without painting


The first thing you will notice in your apartment is that it is probably painted in the same shade of a white egg shell like any other apartment in the world. Do not panic. At the moment, it may look soft, greasy and cold, but you should be very grateful for this color. It is very easy to use regardless of the selected color scheme.

Most apartments have window blinds, and to add color and warmth to your apartment, you just need to add window treatments. Use your backpacks or beams if you are worried about your budget, or use special curtains if your wallet allows. However, you heat this place without risking to evacuate, just hanging something on all the windows.


Most homeowners will let you hang pictures until you use rail tips to put them on the wall.There are a number of photo equipment in your hardware store next door that will satisfy any need. If you use an adhesive back view, make sure the package says it is easy to remove. If you shoot a hole in the plaster when shooting, the owner will throw you on your deposit.

Add warmth to your apartment without breaking the carpet


The next thing you will notice in your apartment is that the carpet also has a dull shade of white peel and stains if you look at it incorrectly. It is also not the best quality, so it quickly wears out in areas with heavy traffic. Thus, your carpet will not only look like the beginning, but the owner will also keep money in the warehouse to clean it and eventually replace it after it has been moved.

Furniture Size and Space Usage


When choosing furniture, choose simplified items with small, narrow shoulders. Large overloaded elements occupy more visual space. In addition, open storage systems that allow you to see the entire wall are less visually complex than closed systems. Choose a system that allows you to place your TV and other electronics on the wall.

Arrange the furniture so that the room works without collisions with tables or chairs. Less is more, so choose furniture that gives you storage space and functionality. For example, a console can provide space for electronic media, as well as books, plants, and decorative accessories. Stretch some baskets on the woven floor under the table to play magazines and tosses. Such baskets can work under the bed to store extra blankets and pillows.

Enlarge the space with mirrors


Smart mirror placement will make your apartment bigger. Hang a large mirror on a sofa or server; hanging it high on the wall will reflect more light and space. If your entrance to the apartment is small, hang a mirror on the wall that you see behind the entrance to increase the space. Let the mirror reflect the light and space in the window to illuminate and expand the interior.

A mirror with a smooth edge or frame matching the color scheme can be found in any size and shape. Make the most of your mirror by choosing a modern wicker basket, geometric pattern, or wide frame made of smooth wood, shiny shells, or polished metal.

Window treatments


You cannot forget the windows of the apartment transformation. Windows feature for privacy and lighting control. Treatment can be done by installing curtains with sophisticated patterns. Make sure the curtains make your home comfortable. You can try flower curtains for a bright room. Some people use blackout curtains because they want privacy. But thick tissue blocks natural light, which leads to the inclusion of light. Save money and get this private look using blue curtains or curtains to leave the natural light in place.

Dividing rooms


Some people like their rooms to be as spacious, open and spacious as possible. Others prefer smaller areas of space and greater separation between different parts of the house. At home, this separation is not required, since several rooms serve this purpose. However, in,apartment decor nyc, s, it may be useful to create offices with decorations. Simply placing a large screen or sofa can create an artificial split that makes you instantly look like you made two rooms in one. If you live with roommates, this separation can mean the difference between a quiet life and a serious breakdown.

small nyc apartment decor Tips & Ideas


Living in a small apartment can be a real test for decoration. You do not have enough storage space, and making rooms spacious is not an easy task. Even if you have a small apartment, you can make it look twice as good with a few simple tricks. In this article, you will find some simple ideas to make your small apartment look bright and airy.

A few well-placed accessories add vibrant color


When decorating small rooms, you should always reduce clutter. Show only a few colorful accents and accessories to add depth and interest. In the living room, one large vase filled with fresh flowers, a large candle and one print or painting on the wall – all you need to add color while maintaining open and spacious space. Kitchens in an apartment can be so small that only one person can be in a room at a time. Wash countertops by inserting small appliances, bread, french fries, dishes, and other items into cabinets or cabinets, if any.

Furnish the rooms sparingly

In a small apartment, all you need in the living room is a sofa, an armchair, and a coffee table. You can place the corner of the book around the corner to hold books and magazines with a small lantern on top. Keep the wall furniture so that the floor surface in the center of the room is wide open and easy to pass. The vibrant carpet in this area adds extra texture and color. The bedroom can also be small; equip it with a double or full-sized bed, bedside table and drawer. Minimize the clutter in this room and add color with large draperies.

use natural light


Each room looks larger when it is full of natural light. Most apartments have mini-blinds, but if you want the room to look larger, there is a simple technique that makes the windows look bigger. Hang the curtain rod about twice the width of the window; Use light or light sheets that stretch on both sides. You can also hang the ceiling rod to make it look like a tall window.

Light colors visually expand a room


Throughout the apartment, use bright furniture to make the rooms look larger. Dark colors reduce area; Lighter shades optically increase space. Consider light sand, pastel peach, yellow oil and other vibrant shades for upholstery, accent carpets, and curtains. You can add extra color spots with accent pillows and bedspreads.

For storage and additional ordering, look for plastic containers that can be used under the bed, or buy a coffee table in the living room with drawers below. Thus, you can keep everything that you do not use, often keep, and hide until you need them


Areas directly connected to the outside of the apartment, such as a balcony or terrace, represent an extension of the living area. Place a statue, hang a windmill or spotlight, or create a small area with trees, flowers, and decorative blocks of wood or landscape. Great ideas for decorating apartments like these, don’t be surprised if your neighbors come and ask for advice on how to decorate your apartments.

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