Modern home decor ideas: glam décor

Due to changes in environment and way of living so many homeowners do have a clear view of how they wish their rooms to appear, while others require to be inspired by other people. In case you wish to have a modern glam décor, then this décor can be a great inspiration to you.

The glamorous décor style can be the best for you in case you are a homeowner who loves having a sophisticated luxury for your home. In a glamorous home, cascading crystals do hang out from a sparkling chandelier above a draped in faux fur and velvet tufted furniture.

Modern glam décor in your room should not be dramatic. You can achieve glamour by using a single tone and some luxurious elements. A touch of gold, reflective surfaces, button tufting, and floor-length drapes can be combined to create an elegant atmosphere and subtle glamour.

The modern glam look is normally achieved through a combination of the following colors.

•An accent color such as gray and pick.

•Neutral colors such as white and black.

•A metallic color such as silver and gold.


Below are some of the elements which can assist you to achieve a modern glam décor in your house:

1. Bedding


When it comes to bedding, you can go for a down duvet and luxurious fabrics for you to achieve a lavish feel and look. After that, you can add decorative throw pillows in creating a layered look and then loosely display a faux fur blanket in adding an extra décor.

2. Bedframe

You can use the bedframes of copper, gold and bronze finishes to keep your look sleek but also glamorous. Also, fabric headboards have deep tufting to make your room more beautiful.

3. Rugs

Although they are underestimated, rugs, are also vital elements of modern glam décor in your house. You can use rugs with luxurious materials, vivid colors, shag piles, and bold colors to add a glamorous edge to your space. As you plan on the best rug that you are going to buy, you should consider your interior design décor and furniture. This is to avoid mixing colors that do not match well with each other. You can ask the interior décor experts to advise you on the best rug you can buy that can make your house more beautiful.

4. Sofas

Glam sofas can act at the main centerpiece of luxury in your room. Some of the characteristics which can make your sofas the main pieces in your glam décor are rolled arms, nailhead trim, rich fabrics, and deep tufting.

Even if it’s boldly dyed or neutral, you should buy a sofa that matches your taste. Avoid buying a sofa just because it’s luxurious but does not match your tastes and preferences.

5. Floral fun

When nature surrounds people, it has been seen to assist them in relaxing and instill calmness in their minds. On the best ideas of decorating the interior of your bedroom and living room is by bringing the garden indoors. To achieve this, you can place succulents in small containers in the corners and also floral wallpapers to trick and make your room the best place that you and your guests would like to hang out.


6. Vases

Vases can also make the best elements for your modern glam home décor. You can accompany them with artificial and fresh flowers to offer your room a fresh look. In case you do not wish to undergo the challenges of maintaining the flowers, you can place your vases without them. Since vases do come in different colors, designs, and shapes, it would be important if you consider the design of your room before you buy them.

7. Centerpiece

You can use a few elements in creating a stylized and clean centerpiece. Since you might have decorated your table with bold dinnerware, you can complement its look through subtle details which make an amazing design such as:

•A stylish tray to ensure your look remains interesting.

•Metallic tapers

•Mercury glass vases which have fresh flowers.



You can offer your dining space an amazing glam touch through buying modern and sleek dining chairs. In this case, you can mix gold molded and white plastic chairs that have a beautiful transparent accent to create a chic look. For additional flair, you can toss a faux fur and gold accent pillows on every seat to boost the style.


9. Wall art

When decorating your glam, you should not forget the wall. Using an eye-catching wall art such as bold paintings, white or black prints can be one of the best ways you can elevate your modern glam home décor. Wall mirrors can also be the best way of making your room appear larger and boost the décor.


In case you are feeling ambitious, then a wallpaper can be the best way for you to design more patterns in your glam. Large mirrors that have big patterns such as sunburst rays or ridged overlays can be the best decorations to put the elements of your glam together.

You can use rugs that have plush texture or blown up patterns on your floors. Patterned rugs do match well with high contrast colors.


10. Brass bar chat

It’s one of the best accessories for your living room which can make your home chic and glamorous. These charts become famous a few years ago as the best way of entertaining friends and family especially during cocktail hours and get-togethers. The good thing about the bar chat is that it can assist you to organize your serving glasses so that you can serve your drinks without any challenges.



i)Gold brass furniture

To make your glam classy, you can go for a piece of furniture with brushed brass or a shiny gold frame.

ii) Tufted furniture

Tufted furniture style of glam furniture which can add elegance to your room. In case you do not wish to splurge on your tufted sofa, you can try an accent chair, bench or tufted ottoman.


12. Gold frame mirrors

A mirror that is framed in gold can be the best for any modern glam home décor. In this case, you can either decide to choose a minimalist glam look, glamorous decadence, French-style gold mirror or go for a simple one.

Remember minimalism is one of the best trends when it comes to modern glam décor. The best thing about it is that it’s fuss-free, clean and sophisticated thus making the best element for your living room.


13. Photo frames

Photo frames are items that are regarded to have sentimental value. You can use them in protecting your memorable moments and also act as decorative elements. You can decide to hang them on the walls, place them on the sides of your bed, study table or office table to make those areas special.


14. Channeled sofas

Channeled sofas are the best alternative for the tufted sofas. These sofas have straight vertical and sleek lines that divide the back of the seat. Also, these sofas can give your glam décor a contemporary feel.


15. Sculptural elements

You can create an amazing look by using unique decorative pieces that reflect the sense of your style. Thus, flunky figurines, geometric accents, and decorative sculptures can be a good way of putting your personality


16. Metallic accents

Since buying mirrored furniture can be somehow expensive, there are so many ways on how you can decorate your glam using metallics. One of the best ways is by buying small metallic accents consisting of brass, gold, nickel, and chrome so that you can be consistent in your décor.


17. Faux fur throws

You can give your glam a luxury appear by going for faux fur throws that you loosely arrange over your beds, chairs, and sofas. In case you wish to inspire comfort and encourage relaxation, you can use the sensuous and soft faux fur that plays on tactile senses.


18. Chandelier

A shimmering chandelier can set the best mood for your glam décor dining room. Thus, you can go for a dramatic chandelier, a chandelier embellished with candelabras or dripping with crystals. In this case, you can use a light dimmer to set the tone of your dining room.

Remember, lighting can break or make the whole design of your home. Apart from bringing brightness to your room, it can add some aesthetics to your theme. Thus, you can use candles, floor lamps, table lamps onto your mantel, tables or walls to radiate light and also act as decorative elements. Glitzy finishes and bold shapes can offer your glam bedroom the best function and form. As you buy these elements, you should consider the theme of your room.


19. Wall mirror

You can create a distinct look by using decorative pieces that reflect the sense of style that you are using. To put your personality on the display, funky figurines, geometric accents, and decorative sculptures are the best.

If you follow the above guidelines definitely, you will achieve your target of having the best modern goth glam home décor.

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