Industrial farmhouse decor

Don’t you sometimes wish you could do something truly refreshing that can breathe some life into your kitchen area? You want something rustic yet modern, traditional yet futuristic, stylish yet using well-known techniques. In that case, industrial farmhouse decor is what you are looking for. You might be thinking ‘what even is industrial farmhouse style’? But don’t worry, everything you need will be explained soon enough.


The industrial farmhouse look is a blend of two different approaches to decorating your kitchen area, or any interior space for that matter if you wish to expand upon it. As the name might suggest, industrial farmhouse decor is made up of classic farmhouse style and modern industrial practicality. Farmhouse elements are clean, simple and traditional made out of materials and objects you can find at any farmhouse. You could describe it as clean, with no added bells and whistles, a practical look. Which means materials such as uncarved wood, bare bricks, simple stone, etc.To contrast that the touches of industrial add a proper charm to the entire composition and give it all the comforts of modernity. This would include stainless steel, industrial heavy-duty lighting, polished black and silver metal and similar.

If anything like that appeals to you, here you will find a few tips that might help in your own attempt to achieve this beautiful look. Be aware that mixing styles provides fantastic results but it can be tricky to pull off. So what can you do to reach the absolute best results? We know that sometimes you have some piece of furniture or electronic gizmo that you need but it doesn’t fit either style you are going with. Try to hide such things by disguising them, Industrial farmhouse decor can be anything really if you are clever with a paintbrush or skilled with matching tone and color. A little bit of artificial aging here, a nifty casing that hides modern electronics there. And you would be there in no time. So don’t be discouraged or give up halfway through. You got this.


You can’t go wrong with industrial farmhouse decor look. The very appearance of it is designed to invoke emotions of nostalgia and all the good days of the past fused with the hope for a better future and human know-how of the times to come. Such a mix always makes a cozy and familiar image in our minds. To get there you will need wall paneling or even wallpapers that will give a great accent to your new industrial farmhouse kitchen. If wall paneling in wood is too much for you, and you don’t want expensive kitchen proof wallpapers, bare bricks will do just fine. Tiles with proper color schemes are definitely an option as well. Have fun with it, the subject is broad and you can make it unique to yourself. Grandfather clock? Perfect! An embroidered idyllic scene? Yeah, why not. Wall scones with LED lighting disguised as lanterns? Even better!

The robust oaken table covered with gingham is such an iconic detail you can use and never be wrong. To juxtapose such old fashioned classic, wrought iron chairs can fit right in, or maybe industrial bar stools? Now you see the potential of industrial farmhouse decor. Have fun with it and make it your own. The point of the entire style appearance is to be comfy and homely, to turn a house into the home. That can’t be done without injecting a little bit of your own personality.

Wall decor

No decorating style is ever finished without a few nicknacks on the walls. And industrial farmhouse decor isn’t any different. At first glance, you might think it’s quite the task to find something that will fit right in but in reality, it’s quite the opposite. Industrial farmhouse wall decor can be anything that your heart desires if you apply yourself and have time to modify it. Even if you just want a few ideas without too much work, options are still there. Let’s list a few things you can use:

Novelty signs. Nothing like it to brighten the interior of your kitchen. The good thing here is that signs can tell whatever you want, which makes it easy to add your unique spin to it.Tapestries. It might be hard to clean and keep presentable but you can’t go wrong with a nice, vintage tapestry. It brings that old school class that modern times lost.A chalkboard. Yes, you read that right. A chalkboard framed in a wooden frame can be a great decoration and you can use it to write down recipes or shopping lists, which you can take a photo to keep it on the go in modern times. Wall mirrors. Nothing to be said about this one, it’s a nice touch however you look at it.Flower wreaths. You should probably opt for plastic versions but it would still add to that farmhouse aesthetics. Fruits and vegetables. Another option for brightening the place. Skewers of fake peppers or strands of garlic hanging on the wall would that needed buzz.

These are just a few ideas which you can work on and add until you reach your own dream industrial farmhouse decor kitchen.


Remember, achieving the appearance might be the easiest step in your endeavor to create perfect industrial farmhouse kitchen. If you have a knack for decoration, this style provides many exciting options. What you need to aim for is your own comfort, something that will be in the spirit of the style, which is the cozy and accessible area that mixes the old and the new into something truly extraordinary. You can look for vintage-looking appliances or try to find real, old school pieces. If you fill ambitious, changing doors and windows might push the look into your own vision of perfection. In modern times when materials and options are endless, and just a few clicks away, choosing to suffer eyesore is a willing form of self-torture. Don’t be scared to give industrial farmhouse decor a try.

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