Ideas for Modern Western Décor


Western décor is one of the most popular and easy to achieve styles. You can accomplish it with different accents, and besides, there are numerous styles to use, such as contemporary western, old western, and modern western. Whether you live in the West or you just admire the old western movies, you can transform your home with an elegant western theme. But for our guide, we’ll discuss more modern western décor and how it can transform your home.

Besides, if you are moving to a new place and you want to start anew, then you don’t have to worry about decorating it with your theme as you can use the existing western themes for inspiration or guidance. Well, then let’s start with the materials used in western decor.

Basic Materials of Western Themes

The basic materials for western themes are wood, stone, metal, and leather. Also, bunch and deer antlers are considered western style. For the shades of color palette, they’re usually honey, black and gray. The borders can be green, cream, navy, terracotta, and crimson. All these colors should blend nicely to create a beautiful background of your western home. Western-style themes include cows, bears, oaks, moose, lakes, pine, cowboys, rivers, and almost anything you can find in nature.

Most materials that are used in western-style themes have a coarse texture, rough, tough, and rarely exquisite. For instance, the leather couch is less glossy shade, and therefore a matter finish will best match this theme. Others, such as woven carpets, tweeds, and faux far, are common in the West for making throw pillows and, in some cases, window treatments.

Also, wooden elements are popular in modern western décor in the design of the fireplace mantel, flooring, and other sites.

Well, here are the top 10 western home decorating ideas of 2020:

Top Ideas for Modern Western Décor

1. Rustic Western Living Room Decoration

This design incorporates walls, natural stones, and dark colors to give your room a natural and authentic look. The style is very rough and has a natural look complete with exposed beams, roughly sewn walls, and heavy furniture. The floors are stoned, and additional western-styled furniture adds elegance and beauty to your room. What’s more, there is a fireplace and an indoor plant that adds a subtle touch to your décor. To complete the look, there are several throw pillows with brown shades, a faux rug on the coffee table, and a rug on the floor.

2. Modern California Bohemian bedroom

Modern California bohemian bedroom includes a white wall and white bed linens that creates a beautiful scent in your bedroom. And there are patterned throw pillows that are blended with other pillows to bring a bohemian influence, color, and taste in your bedroom. Also, there is a beautifully printed ocean photograph on mounted gold sconces.

3. Modern Western Living Room Decoration

If you love a blend of modern and traditional western décor, then this style is what you are looking for. The style features mounted animal heads on the wall plus an animal print rug on the floor that brings about an elegant touch. There is also a stone fireplace and a mantle. You should add chocolate brown overstuffed leather furniture as it blends well with this theme. Also, to complete the look there are ceiling lights with chandeliers that are made of antlers.

4. Opulent Western

If you love opulence in your home, then it’s best to create an elegant and sophisticated modern western style. With this style, you’ll get luxurious rooms, and a stone wall could be added as a focal point to your room. Also, animal-themed chairs with animal prints i.e., tiger or zebra and a super plus rug, add class and vintage to the style.

5. Minimalist Western

Most people prefer a simple space in western decoration. Besides, it is easy to create, and you’ll have lots of space for storing in your room. To create this style, add a wooden rocking chair to your room. You may also add a gilded photo frame in your room or a gilded mirror to complete the look and enhance its appeal.

6. Luxurious Western Décor

Well, do you love luxury, and you desire a more luxurious western décor style? Well, then this is your best luxurious western style on the market. Luxurious western décor set up involves using dark stained wood furnishings with coffee tables, side tables, and other tables in both your living and bedroom. The classy coffee table will look good after you add a carper underneath it in your room. Probably, add a demure rag at your room’s center to improve the overall style.

7. A slight Western Touch

Also, if you don’t prefer a fully western look, then you can transform it into a slight western décor. That is, you can make the wooden doors to look like rustic reclaimed wood then add a brown rug on top. A wooden accent, an unfinished wooden table, and a rustic stone fireplace will make your room a good blend of both modern and western styles.

8. Texas Style

Texas-style consists of a simple décor matching with a high stoned wall and a traditional fireplace. It is the best for those who desire a simple western style as it provides real inspiration. The only difference with Texas-style is that you have to add authentic furniture and plush rugs for that true modern western feel and look.

9. Traditional Western Style

Well, if you prefer authenticity over anything else, then this room decoration is all you’re looking for. The horned bull sculptures that are mounted on the wall along your elegant western-style furniture gives your room a traditional look.

10. Tuscan Inspired Western Style

The Tuscan inspired western-style includes comfy leather sofas as well as a conventional fireplace that is attached to a stoned wall giving your room a western look. Also, the room has some features of the Tuscan décor, .and finally, to spruce the design, there is a wooden coffee table that is paired with the beautiful and customized flooring. These elements give the floor and overall room a perfect finish.

Wall Decor Lighting

When it comes to improving the beauty of your home, lighting wall decors plays a crucial role. Western wall lighting includes a collection of lights such as chandeliers, wall sconces, and table lamps. You can buy western chandeliers such as intricate silver Concho accents and elegant iron scroll chandeliers.

Create a beautiful home with a magnificent chandelier such as a small wagon wheel chandelier and improve the western look of your home. It’s no secret that wall lightings are a fantastic way to brighten your western-styled home. They take up minimum space and can fit most budgets and styles. Depending on how you’ll install them in your room, it will open it up or cast a beautiful and inviting glow. Wall lighting decor are also useful in illuminating shadowy corners and brightening the readers’ spots. Also, they’ll spark a visual interest to the wall. Here are some of the top wall lightings:

1.Sconces- Scones are the best when it comes to classical wall lights. They are highly appealing and look great in any room of your home. Besides, they can fit in small places and add a flow of light to shadowy recesses. Also, they come in a variety of styles and finishes that will blend well with your décor.

2.Decorative Lighting- What’s best than adding an extra light that doubles as décor to your room. Well, decorative lightings include bold shapes, neon signs, and whimsical designs that’ll make a bold statement and add visual sparkles to your home.

3.Under-cabinet lighting – Under-cabinet lighting is one of the essential wall lights. It is ideal for cutting boards and illuminating cookbooks. The lighting takes less to no space but will make a great impact in your bar, garage, kitchen, and bathroom. Once you start using it, you’ll hardly leave it behind.

Western homes use colors that are similar to those of nature. With style incorporates earth-tone combined with oranges, sky blue, sunset reds, and cactus green. Modern western lighting should be minimal and include a few nature characteristics or create a robust western statement by only blending a few. Look for flush mounts, think faux leather shades. Luckily, some retailers have categorized the best wall lighting for modern western decors. You’ll only need to shop and head to the category to find the best models for your western style. But always ensure that the colors blend well with your style.

The western style is one of the most loved and used home décor styles in the world. The style can make your home visually appealing with its great backgrounds and elegant furniture. Besides, there are many ideas for the style, and you can hardly miss one that suits your taste. These ideas will help you pick the best style for your western home and transform it into a beautiful cowboy’s haven. Finally, choose a design that you like, or you can combine more than one by picking inspirations from each style.

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