Bathroom decor hacks


The bathroom is, without a doubt, among the most critical rooms in your home.

Remember, you use your bathroom every other day to take care of your health and hygiene, and also get ready each morning. Despite it being a small room, the bathroom for sure has a significant impact on our daily lives and our families.

A lot of homeowners don’t have the luxury of a vast or even medium-sized bathroom, which makes it quite a problem to decorate such a small room. Decorations can unexpectedly become a mess in such a small space. In this article, we shall have a thorough overview of ways to decorate a small bathroom space to inspire your best ideas.

We shall cover a range of guides from organizational tips and mounted wall art to soothing color fusions, be sure to pick the best combination to work well with your taste.

1. Fresh Bathroom Paint.

Among the most magnificent wall décor ideas is painting your walls with the right color. Bright colors will make a small bathroom appear more prominent. Dull or trembling colors add a bit of drama to any size of the bathroom.

It’s unnecessary to select gloss paint in a bathroom to do away moisture. Request the paint sellers to mix in an additive to artistic color to protect it against moisture.

Do more than painting the walls —buy either an eggshell or semi-gloss paint and paint the cabinets, too!

2. You may consider adding a place.

Almost every other high-end bathroom we’ve been into has a seating of some kind —be it a plain garden stool, a cushioned ottoman, or a decoratively carved armchair.

Unpainted wood and simple upholstery give distinction and contrast against hard ceramic and stone for a balanced appearance.

Not only does the accent look high-end, but it also has a grand feels.

Why would you do your pedicure on your cold toilet seat when you could do it better on your throne?

3. Replacing Your Bath Mat

An unclean or worn-out bath mat is with no doubt going to make your bathroom space appear unkempt. If you have a dirty and worn bath mat, you should consider replacing it swiftly.

But the most luxurious bathrooms have taken it a notch higher by switching terry fabric mats with Turkish and Persian rugs.

These tufted wool rugs are the ultimate replacement for a bath mat. Better still, with delicate patterns and colors that only become better by fading, they can give so much uniqueness and elegance to your bathroom space.

Typically, these kinds of rugs are a brilliant venture, courtesy of a bathroom’s small surroundings, having a little piece of handwoven opulence is entirely achievable.

4. Upgrade to Unique Lighting.

Replacing traditional lighting can change your bathroom decor. There’s a broad range of pocket-friendly lighting fixtures accessible in electronic stores and online. Remember, prime electrical installations are best assigned to experts. However, with some advice, changing out lighting equipment is an effortless DIY bathroom task you can complete in a single day. Don’t be afraid to give a to try trends when switching your bathroom lighting.

Present-day bathroom lighting includes hanging decorations and light bars that spread light in your room. It’s wise to go for LED lighting fixtures, as they’re the most energy-efficient and don’t bring unwanted heat to your bathroom.

5. You may consider Bathroom Wall Art

You don’t need to stare at plain walls in your bathroom. Treated canvas prints are waterproof and pocket-friendly. Choose oversized pieces to get the perfect visual effect. For an outstanding look, have your local printer draw a favorite photo into personalized wall art. These days, commercial printers can make canvas lithographs and still cover them to make them water-resistant.

When considering bathroom decorating designs for art, think far away from canvas print. A wall display of good-looking pictures like those of starfish or baskets can be a personal and invigorating way to furnish your bathroom walls.

6. Upgrade your bathroom hardware and taps.

Here’s a speedy and surefire bathroom decorating hack—switch out your traditional bathroom’s hardware.

New towel bars, drawer pulls, tissue paper holders, and faucet will completely transform your bathroom’s decor. Switching your bathroom hardware can even make your countertop appear fresh once more. This is among the most magnificent small bathroom décor ideas.

Replacement is as easy as popping off or unscrewing the existing hardware and adding a new set. To keep this task speedy and effortless, be sure to replace the old equipment with equally-sized screw whole arrangement, mostly on block fashion drawer pulls that need to be screwed. You’ll, however, drill new holes the wall and cabinets.

7. New bathroom flooring.

There are easy and modern DIY-friendly flooring tricks that are very workable.

Pocket-friendly, sturdy vinyl floor planks are accessible at many home improvement stores and are present in a wide range of wood types and designs. They’re genuinely looking and even have texture and flaws on their surfaces, much like a genuine wood floor or stone ceramic would. Putting them in place is as easy as scratching with an edge, stripping and sticking. The best thing is that they’re water-resistant and you get with extended guarantees against damage and break.

You may again combine a knitted vinyl floor carpeting. The rugs are industrial toughness, can be ordered in personalized sizes, and have a rubber underlay that provides padding and comfort to the bathroom floor.

8. Better organization of your bathroom space.

Decongesting and organizing your bathroom will give it an instant fresh appearance. In the event that you have a small bathroom, think about how you can enhance on available storage. Introducing pull-out drawers (that sort stuff more easily) into a cabinet is an effortless weekend improvement. Typical sizes of pull-out drawers are easily available at many home improvement stores.

Other ideas of maximizing space are:

–hanging wall shelving.

–Wall-set baskets.

–Small furniture-design storage cabinet.

9. Refresh your bath tiles.


If your bath tiles are tasteless, you can consider covering them with removable adhesive tiles. They’re easy to size and fix, and they look genuine. The bonus point is that you can remove them whenever you feel like without spoiling the surface behind them —ideal for enhancing the bath in an apartment or leased house.

10. Hang your mirror in style.

It’s sad how a lot of homeowners settle for cheap mirrors from the bathroom corridor at the local hardware shop.



By going for a mirror with a little more style and getting crafty with storage rather than going for the custom medicine cabinet, you’ll raise your bathroom space to something way above basic. Go for attractive shapes, ancient or vintage style, or a prime size to give plenty of illumination. If you’re operating on a budget, explore the second-hand markets for affordable alternatives.

11. Give your bathroom a touch of brass.

We’ve been spotting copper and brass everywhere of late, mostly in the most high-end bathrooms. If at all, it’s not chrome (the most fundamental of finishes) gives an instant leg up on the standard appearance.

You don’t require to substitute all of your faucets (trust the fact that hardware can make sense), but a new magnifying mirror, soap dish, or a small jar might just do the hack.

12. Create hidden storage under a Wall Mounted Sink.

If your bathroom has a wall-placed sink in place of a vanity cabinet, a favorite sink skirt will create some hidden storage space while disguising pipes that are in the open. You can have your room gorgeously designed by your favorite designer.

13. Reconsidering your bathroom door.

A hinged door that pivots inward can reduce the volume of functional space in a small bathroom. Shifting it out with a pocket door would be the ultimate best idea, but that needs tearing out a section of the wall. Fortunately for any homeowner, there are two more solutions for this disappointing annoyance.

You can change your old door into a sliding barn-style door. DIY guides available at most home improvement stores will cost you a range of between USSD150 and USSD400. Be sure to get your landlord on board with this task before getting started if you live in a rented house.

You could also overset your bathroom door, so it opens in the reverse direction. It involves a few steps that include moving the door’s hinges to the other side of the gaping. With the proper tools, it’s an achievable single-day task for veteran do-it-yourselfers.

14. Black can be a perfect way to give life to your old bathroom.

Add quite a deal of distinction to a white bathroom with black fittings and attachments. For your information, putting in place, a new faucet usually is a simple and also re-doable upgrade if the new fixtures fit the old screw holes in the sink or countertop.

15. Combine your taste with functionality.

Enjoy your philosophy by personalizing your bathroom space with character-building underlining. You can design a mix of elements to create a revitalizing bathroom background.

Indeed, from this thorough guide, homeowners are at liberty to pick any bathroom decor ideas, small bathroom decor ideas, or bathroom wall decor ideas that work best for their needs. All the best in your next bathroom décor upgrade! Good luck!

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